The creator of The Dad curates the best memes for dads to laugh at after a tough day of changing diapers and calming tantrums.
"...and let's make em think they shouldn't share salary info with their coworkers so everyone is in the dark and we can dramatically underpay certain people arbitrarily."
My wife wanted me to wear a vest but I'm not a vest guy so we compromised and I wore a vest.
Literally only 15 minutes of fun! Inflatable pool.
Walk into my wife's high school reunion like what up I got a big chance of embarrassing her tonight
Listening to hardcore gangsta rap after dropping my kids off at school, in order to detox from the Lego Movie 2 soundtrack
People over 30 who play fortnite only want one thing and it's disgusting
My son looks like a middle-aged Scandinavian tourist
If you ask someone how it's goin and they say "it's goin" this is what they mean
The elevator buttons parents need: Reset because my kid pressed every floor and Fake button for the kid who didn't get to press any
When I spend a whole round of Fortnite closing all the doors saying we're not paying to heat the whole island
To build character, I make my kids stare at this for 5 minutes before they can use the WiFi
8yo me who just mixed every type of soft drink at Chuck E Cheese
I feel like this project is bringing us closer together.

I wonder how long it would take you to bleed out if I stabbed you with a hex wrench.
When the webinar host says "let's set up some breakout rooms to discuss..."
Why people love their jobs: bosses who genuinely care about and appreciate their people
Me, to my son, who is gaming:
Me listening to absolutely nothing but wearing headphones so nobody talks to me
Up at 2am playing Zelda by myself
Taylor Swift vs Taylor Slow
I hope everyone is having a good day except for whoever taught my 8yo the word
In the parking lot waiting for my kids to get out of the car after they spent the whole drive asking how long till we get there
I know time travel doesn't exist but my mom found my old Starter jacket and I'm wearing it while playing Super Nintendo games on the Switch so that's pretty close
I could lose an arm in a freak lumberjack chainsaw accident and my wife would be like "probably because you're not drinking enough water"
Dad can you fix my toy? Does it make noise? If so, no, sorry, it's broken forever. If not, of course, I'll get the super glue.
We had some close family over but before they arrived I didn't place the throw pillows properly on our bed upstairs like my wife asked so I guess those people will never speak to us again.
If someone is brand new to Fortnite and they get a vicroy in one of their first rounds and they're super proud about it, you are not legally required to tell them that it was all bots. Just let them be happy. It costs nothing.
Bosses: let me know if I can help in any way! Me: Sure, can you please help? Bosses: No, this isn't how you're supposed to play the game
Stranger Things Mario Kart meme
Emily Elizabeth has the Pringles Guy's mustache on her forehead, and other things I think about when I can't sleep.
Nobody ever tells you how much of parenting is just standing in a parking lot waiting for your kid to get out of the car.
I don't care who you are, when you've had 3 cranberry vodkas and Journey comes on you become a small town girl living in a lonely world.
When I'm at someone's house and it's cold outside but they have the thermostat set to 76 and I can't stop thinking about how high their utility bill will be this month
When I notice someone must be new to the game so I help them out and show them that although the community is toxic at times, it doesn't have to be
When you drive past your neighbor you've lived next to for 5 years but you still don't know their name
Proudly showing my wife the basil I picked up at the store like she asked
When you ask your son to shovel the driveway and look out the window and he's shoveling the yard.
Executives when the employee satisfaction survey results come back and it says everyone is burnt out
When I'm grilling and a piece of meat slips through the grates
Battle royales should have old school theme music that gets a little faster every time the circle shrinks
Took it upon myself to swap out my wife's front door wreath for the fall. Nailed it.
When a pic of your cat gets 5 likes on instagram
Storms: *exist* Dads: *watch them from the garage*
Ya know how motorcycle owners wave to each other as a sign of solidarity. Dads driving minivans do that too but it looks like this.
There was a place called Tomato Town.. And there weren't any cars, or Klombos, and you couldn't even swim
How I feel when I nail the air drumming on In The Air Tonight
Back in my day, when times were tough and we felt like we couldn't even, we evened anyway.
I asked m son what he wants to be when he grows up and he said "a dad." That's the best parenting compliment I've ever received
Parenting energy levels: 6am tired, 1pm tired, 6pm tired, 2am tired
The Dad officially has more TikTok followers than that teacher at your school | Dad thats your only job | This is kinda sad | ...
I love how Simba acts sad when Mufasa dies as if he didn't just perform a choreographed musical number called I Just Can't Wait To Be King
Keys to a happy relationship: Taking turns deciding who gets to be in a bad mood and sharing snacks.
It's great having an 11yo who loves cooking. I just overheard him shout from the kitchen "This panini press is insaaane bro!"
Gaming meme. A parent's character evolution. Level 0 to Level 5
My house has two temperatures in the winter.
When you were at your grandma's and you saw these bad boys you knew the Kool Aid and leftovers were gonna be on point
Nintendo executive: What's your strategy for the background music? Mario Kart composer:
POV: It's 1993 and you're about to impress your friends
When your boss who recently read an Adam Grant book overhears a group of people talking about Adam Grant
The "we don't even own a tv" starter pack.
Kids before and after 5 minutes in a bounce house.
Billie Eillish always looks like the boss just said they're going to start the meeting with 2 Truths and a Lie
When my son says "When I'm a dad I won't tell lame jokes like you do."
Rocket League meme: solo queue teammates: no way why should I rotate? He's the one who sucks.
When you're playing hide and seek with your son and you realize he probably won't need that college savings account after all...
Hey kids, gather 'round. I'd like to share with you a classic film from my childhood that literally changed my life and shaped who I am as a person.

Kids: This is boring
Ohhh when you ask your kid how school was they only say "fine"??? My daughter hits me with an aggressively unenthusiastic "meh." EVERY DAY. This is parenting!
A single leaf hits the ground
Me, in 1995: C'mon goofy, let your son go to the concert. It means so much to him.

Me, now: C'mon Max, go on the trip with your dad. It means so much to him.
When I finally remember my reusable grocery bags.
The "kid born between 1980-1992 who wants to be a ninja when he grows up" starter pack
To show my son how much he absolutely nailed his drawing of me I photoshopped it into a family picture.
Shout out to this man for being a strong father figure who challenged me with hard work and kept me out of trouble during the summer of 1998
How I feel when I nail the air drumming on In The Air Tonight
The scariest Escape Room ever: Cubicles
In a feeble attempt to reestablish shower space dominance, I placed my entire bulk supply of 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash on the bathtub ledge
My Girl Fortnite meme. stealing the crown.
When my wife sees my fries after not ordering any fries
When my kid tells me he's too old to ride on my shoulders
Parenting tip: Any time can be midnight if you search for last year's ball drop on YouTube.
When # of players remaining goes from 3 to 2 and it's time for me to emerge and steal that vicroy