The creator of The Dad curates the best memes for dads to laugh at after a tough day of changing diapers and calming tantrums.
Battle royales should have old school theme music that gets a little faster every time the circle shrinks
If someone is brand new to Fortnite and they get a vicroy in one of their first rounds and they're super proud about it, you are not legally required to tell them that it was all bots. Just let them be happy. It costs nothing.
When I notice someone must be new to the game so I help them out and show them that although the community is toxic at times, it doesn't have to be
Stranger Things Mario Kart meme
Nintendo executive: What's your strategy for the background music? Mario Kart composer:
People over 30 who play fortnite only want one thing and it's disgusting
My Girl Fortnite meme. stealing the crown.
POV: It's 1993 and you're about to impress your friends
Rocket League meme: solo queue teammates: no way why should I rotate? He's the one who sucks.
Me, to my son, who is gaming:
There was a place called Tomato Town.. And there weren't any cars, or Klombos, and you couldn't even swim
When # of players remaining goes from 3 to 2 and it's time for me to emerge and steal that vicroy